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Waiting for Spring ~ Review

Waiting for Spring
Westward Winds Book 2
By Amanda Cabot

Charlotte Crowley is hiding.  Hiding her true name, hiding her son, hiding her past.  She is hiding from the man who took her husband's life and who is searching for her and her son.

Barrett Landry, a wealthy cattle baron, is considering a run for the senate if Wyoming becomes the nation's newest state.  But before he can contemplate a run, his closest friends are advising that he first get married.

Miriam Taggert is the logical choice for Barrett.  Her father's newspaper would be powerful backing in the election and they would be a striking couple.  But Miriam, unlike her parents, is unsure of his suitability wants the opinion of her trusted friend Charlotte so she arranges for Barrett to meet her at Charlotte's dress-shop Elan.  When Charlotte meets Barrett she is impressed by his knowledge of fabrics.  Charlotte then questions him about the rumors that he is entering politics and his reasons.

But as fall progresses the stresses on the land become all too evident and the cattle herds begin suffering.  If the losses are too great will Cheyenne be able handle the financial devastation?  The citizens being Waiting for Spring before Christmas arrives.

As her friends seem to be finding love Charlotte worries that they are going to make the same mistake that she did with Jeffrey and be disappointed in their marriages.  But Cheyenne is full of secrets, secrets that could destroy the happiness of all involved and destroy lives.  As Charlotte feels the danger from her past catching up to her present can she trust anyone enough to share the truth of who she is and to protect her from The Baron?

Waiting for Spring also touches on the stigma people use to face when they had a child with a disability.  In this story Charlotte's son David is blind and she tries to hide him away from outsiders fearing the scorn or pity that she would see in their eyes.  But worst of all was the advice to send David away to an asylum back East.  As Charlotte struggles to champion her own son can she make a difference in the world and improve it?

I received a copy of this title from the publisher Revell for the purpose of this review.

Available January 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.