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Judge ~ Review

Books of the Infinite #2
By R.J. Larson

Judge is the second book in the Books of the Infinite series and is as exciting and well written as Prophet.

Kien Lantec has just returned home on military leave when the Infinite tells him to go to ToronSea to warn the faithful against the Siphran worshipers of Atea to whom they have offered refuge.

Meanwhile Ela receives a vision that Parne is about to be judged for their idol worship.  Parne's fall was not sudden, but Ela had been unaware of the Atean worshipers as she grew-up.

As Ela and Tzana return to Parne, Jon and Beka Thel accompany them to ascertain the true situation in Parne and to provide protection along the way.  But Parne tries to refuse their Prophet admittance, so the Infinite opens the gates for the travelers from the Tracelands.

Kien's mission in ToronSea doesn't go as he imagined and as a result he is given a second mission by the Infinite.  Can Kien suceed in Adar-iyr or will he again fail the Infinite?

But the citizens of Parne have been deceived by the Adversary's shadow servants and the Chacens.  As Ela tries turn the hearts and souls of Parne she is met with anger and derision.  Are these truly her people?

Parne is about to be found wanting and judgment is at hand.  Will the faithful stand firm in their belief as their world crumbles around them?  Who will Parne choose? Will Ela now see the end of her life as she has foreseen?

Throughout Judge one can see glimpses of Jonah, Samuel, Eli and Eli's sons.  Judge is a story of trust, trust in the Infinite and allowing Him to lead one on the paths of life that are placed before us.  Judge is a fabulous sequel to Prophet and will leave you in anticipation of book 3 King (excerpt found in back of Judge).  This is one book you'll want to re-read and to share!

I received a copy of this title from the publisher Bethany House as part of their reviewer program.  
No expectations were placed on this review and all opinions expressed are my own.