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Fire Prophet - Review

Fire Prophet
Son of Angels ~ Jonah Stone
By Jerel Law

Fire Prophet is the second book in the Son of Angels series.  Fire Prophet takes place nearly a year after the events of Spirit Fighter.  Jonah and Eliza have been practicing with their angelic powers since they discovered that they were quarterlings (1/4 fallen angel and 3/4 human).  But on the first day of the new school year they are attacked by fallen angels and the entire Stone family has to escape from Peaceful to New York City when Abaddon's fallen  followers attack quarterlings around the world.

Soon the world's quarterling's are gathered together at the Convent of Saint John of the Empty Tomb for both safety and spiritual training.  Meanwhile their parents are taken to another hidden location for safety.  To Jonah's surprise his name is well known to the other quarterlings because of his rescue of the Nephilim the year before.

But as the quarterlings soon discover spiritual warfare is not based on one's own strength but on faith and prayer.  Prayer is the most powerful weapon in their arsenal against the enemies of Elohim.  As the children learn about the Armour of God they learn which of these spiritual gifts they are gifted with.

Jonah is having dreams and visions that seem to indicate that someone needs his help.  But who needs his help and can he determine who it is before it is too late.  Soon the quarterlings are under attack and their heavenly guard is being decimated by forces of the fallen.  Jonah feels that the person he is to help is necessary to the survival of the quarterlings, so with the help of Eliza, Jeremiah, David he sets out to find the prophet in need of his help.  But Abaddon is determined not only to stop Jonah and the quarterlings but to destroy them.  In a race against time and evil, can they fight the good fight and win

There has been some discussion on various blogs and writing groups as to the appropriateness of fiction books that deal with half angelic beings walking the earth and whether this is Biblical.  This something you will have to determine for yourself.  But Fire Prophet leans heavily on Scripture and prayer as the weapons on which we are to wage spiritual warfare.

Overall Fire Prophet packs a lot of action into its pages and there are Biblical foundations upon which the story is based.  All in all an enjoyable fast paced book that middle grade aged readers and up should be able to easily get caught up in.

For the purpose of this review the publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookSneeze.