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Right Where I Belong ~ Review

Right Where I Belong
By Krista McGee

Natalie Lopez is hurting for her stepmother, her father has done it again dumping a wife so that he can have another true love.  But Natalie determines that God wants her to leave her family and friends behind and go with her stepmother.  But moving to Florida is a culture shock to Natalie who has spent the first 17 years of her life in Spain.

But Maureen has done so much - caring for her when her parents were too busy, leading her to a relationship with Jesus - how can Natalie turn her back on her in her time of pain.  But living with Maureen is difficult as she struggles through the depression of a failed marriage.  Natalie isn't sure that her presence is a help to Maureen or not.

Natalie has determined that she will never fall in love so that she might not experience the pain or rejection that her father inflicts on his wives.  But God has other plans for Natalie.  But Natalie isn't looking for romance she's looking for a lasting friendship and Addy, Lexi, Brian, and Spenser just may be what she needs if she can convince the guys that dating is out of the question.

As Natalie learns more about the God she has so recently decided to follow, she grows as a person.  Can she trust God to know what's best for her, even where her heart is concerned?  Or will the lessons of her earthly father overrule the lessons of her Heavenly Father?

Adding to Natalie's struggles is her parents desire for her to go to an Ivy League University so she can follow one of them in a lucrative career.  But Natalie feels a pull in another direction.  How can she honor God and her parents when their goals for her are at odds?  With help from her new friends can Natalie discover how she can find peace with her future?

I received a complimentary copy of this book through BookSneeze.  All opinions are my own.