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The Higher Calling ~ Review

The Higher Calling weekly e-newsletter Christian Blog Network
Until I was contacted by Handlebar Central about posting a review of The Higher Calling, I had never heard of this e-newsletter before.  I was provided with links to 2 months of archives (8 issues).  I felt that to do a fair and honest review that I needed to examine more than the required one issue.   This review references articles from several of the weekly e-newsletters.

Each issue has an Audio message from Howard E. Butt, Jr. of Laity Lodge.  You can listen to this short message (60 seconds or less) or you can read the transcript.  I found these to be informative and interesting segments.

There is then a collection of articles some of which include videos that deal with day-to-day life whether personal or work.  Each e-newsletter is centered around a theme and the aim of every article is help us find our higher calling in all aspects of our daily life - attitude, culture, faith, family, leadership, and work.

One article "Next in line at the Food Stamp Window" deals with a 20-something young woman who as a teacher is out of work and struggling with how God could allow hardships to come into life and the need to be like the sparrow and trust God.

Another article/video "What Have Your Kids Taught You About God?" shows that as a parent continues to love their children no matter how much they dislike or hate so God's love is for us.  We cannot force God to quite loving us, no matter how hateful we are.  God is always ready to take us in His arms and welcome us back home.

The Higher Calling's mission statement is:
"Honoring God in our daily work is much more than just doing the right thing, at the right time without exceeding the budget. Work itself should be a testimony to our Creator." 
I believe that they have indeed accomplished this in the articles I have read for this review.

Disclaimer: In Conjunction with this Handlebar Central  arranged review and in accordance with FTC guidelines ( I am disclosing that in exchange for my honest opinion about The Higher Calling I am to be compensated.  No stipulations were made about this review other than it had to posted no later than November 15, 2012.  Any and all opinions in this review are uniquely my own.