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Mortal ~ Book Review

Mortal (The Books of Mortals, #2)
The Books of Mortals #2
by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

Nine years have passed since Feyn gave her life so that Jonathan might rule, bringing hope of life to the walking dead. But mere weeks before he is to take the title of Sovereign, rumors that threaten Jonathan's power are becoming fact. Dark Bloods are a new power that has arisen, still Corpse but with the emotions, strength, and speed of Mortals. When the Mortals capture a Dark Blood he reveals that he is alive because his Maker, Saric has made him so.

Saric believed to be dead these last nine years has come into the Senate Hall and proclaimed that he alone is alive. Then to the horror of all present he brings forth Feyn the Sovereign who was to be. He has removed Feyn from the stasis she was placed in after Book cut her down. Then before all present he fills her with his blood restoring her to life though in an altered condition. Saric proclaims Feyn Sovereign and then kills Rowan regent for Jonathan before the Senate Hall.

But how can Jonathan fulfill his purpose and his destiny if Feyn is Sovereign? Even more disturbing is Jonathan's erratic behavior. Is their savior truly who they think him to be or has their faith and hope been misplaced?

Rom and Book are convinced that Jonathan is who they have thought him to be. But the Nomads that they have joined with now think that they are the superior race, a benefit of Jonathan's blood.

Mortal is a compelling book. When what we believe should happen does not, does that mean our faith was misplaced? Or were we merely misinterpreting what we knew and the answer is just different than what we believed it was to be?

As with most of Dekker's books blood plays an important part. Blood is the force of change, but who controls that force? And who is to say what change is right and what is wrong? Who will you place your faith in? Your answer may determine your future!

Book 3 Sovereign is scheduled for Spring 2013!

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