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Trauma Plan ~ Review

Trauma Plan
Grace Medical
By Candace Calvert

Past tragedies haunt Doctor Jack Travis and Trauma Chaplain Riley Hale, both of whom work at Alamo Grace.  

Riley is attempting to regain her status as a nurse after an attack injured her, robbing her of feeling in one arm.  When Jack offers her a chance to volunteer in the free clinic he runs in The Bluffs - a posh and exclusive neighborhood, Riley reluctantly agrees.  

But Jack has ulterior motives in offering Riley a position at the clinic.  Jack hopes that Riley's family name will place the clinic in a more positive light.  A neighborhood action committee is trying to force the eyesore to close because it is economically impacting the property values and bringing unwanted persons into the area.    

Vesta Calder is a reluctant patient at Alamo Grace and when she sees Jack it sets off a panic attack.  Riley connects with the normally home-bound woman and agrees to check in with her on a weekly basis to help her keep her medication regulated.  But a secret from Vesta's past links her to Jack.  

As Jack and Riley work to bring medical care to those who can least afford it, they come to see that the same passion drives them both.  But can they save the clinic or will greed destroy all they have worked for?

Trauma Plan is a moving story as several characters deal with life and the choices that they have allowed to define them.  Trauma Plan is truly a grace plan - God's grace for all who seek after Him.

I was provided was a Digital ARC loan of this title for the purpose of this review.