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Song of My Heart

Song of My Heart
by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Sadie Wagner has dreamed of using her gift to honor God. When her cousin Sid writes that there is a position in Goldtree, Kansas as a mercantile clerk and a possible singing position in the town's new opera house it seems to be an answer to prayer. With her step-father injured from a mining accident the family needs the money. With her parents blessing Sadie travels the long distance from Indiana to Kansas.

But Goldtree, Kansas has a hidden side that no one seems to be aware of. Thad McKane has just been hired as Goldtree's first sheriff. Rumors have reached Goldtree's mayor and bank president that an illegal liquor operation is in Goldtree! Secrecy is vital so that Goldtree's reputation is not ruined.

Sid and Sadie were best friends throughout their childhood. But unknown to Sadie, Sid has been secretly in love with her since her was 9 years old. Sid is determined to marry Sadie and with her working in Goldtree Sid expects his dreams to soon come true.

Sadie finds satisfaction in her duties as clerk for the Baxter sisters. When Asa Baxter offers Sadie the singing job it seems this is truly God's plan for Sadie. Sadie's music instantly endears her to the entire town. With two performances every week in the opera house, nightly practices, and singing in the church choir Sadie's life is very full.

But when Asa Baxter demands that Sadie make compromises with her singing Sadie refuses. But when he threatens to take away Sadie's singing job and Sid's delivery job Sadie is left with little choice but to comply – after all her family needs the money her job is bringing in. But when Thad starts courting Sadie, Asa demands that Sadie break it off immediately.

Is there a future for Sadie and Thad? Or will Sadie's compromises destroy their chance at a life together before it ever begins? What is the song of Sadie's heart? Can Sid, Sadie, and Thad trust God enough to listen to His leading?

I found Song of My Heart to be an enjoyable book. Perfect for a nice relaxing weekend read.

I received a free copy of this title from Bethany House Publishers for the purpose of this review. A positive review was not required.