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As One Devil to Another

As One Devil To Another
By Richard Platt

Written in the style of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape LettersAs One Devil To Another continues the story begun by Lewis Seventy years ago. But in Platt's work the mentoring devil is Slashreap, the brother of Lewis' Screwtape. The devil under Slashreap is Scardagger a newly graduated tempter from Temptation University and cousin to the unfortunate and late Wormwood.
Written in a series of letters from Slashreap to Scardagger on how to keep his client away from the Adversary (the name used for God). Slashreap speaks of the modern world and how many of the luxuries are such a wonderful tool to use in the service His Infernal Majesty (Satan).
Television is most useful tool with the quick flashes of light making the watcher susceptible to suggestion – suggestions of violence, sex, greed, and envy. One of the greatest uses of Television was Reality TV the degradation called entertainment is on a par with Arena of Rome! Cell phones are a tool to prevent human contact with each other, all in the name of staying connected with each other while giving them an excuse to be rude to those around them.
The internet was another successful tool of corruption. The creation of a Virtual Community isolates people from one another by removing social barriers, preying on the gullible, and the proliferation of pornography. The greatest influence of the internet is over the children who may have restrictions on other activities. The internet has given every fool a voice so that the voice of wisdom and experience is lost in the noise. The Virtual World is the dominion of His Infernal Majesty and he takes pleasure in the evil that that thrives there.
The greatest triumph of His Infernal Majesty over the last 100 years was the Sexual Revolution. When the human females gave up their common sense for sexual pleasures and the males were complicit in the degradation of the females for their own benefit. As a result martial fidelity has been devalued and the humans can't understand the rising divorce rate that is destroying the family core.
With each successive triumph over the client Scardagger would turn her focus inward. But at all cost Scardagger was to keep his client away from servants and warriors of the Adversary as they could turn her. Another danger would be from reading books – books by authors such as Lewis, Bunyan, Cowper and others. The greatest danger would be if his client picked up a Bible and read it without ridiculing it!
As One Devil To Another is worthy continuation to C.S. Lewis' original work. If you have not read the Screwtape Letters recently or have never read them it would be advantageous to read them, comparing the two. The commentary by Richard Platt on our modern culture is both enlightening and frightening.
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