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       By C. Bailey Sims                  

An ancient danger sleeps outside the boarders of Lackanay in the Desert of Devona. A danger that could wake at any moment if Spelopokos the last Fairrier Cat stops breathing within the boarders of Lackanay.

When 16 year old Princess Catherine of Crystallia flees her father's castle and her upcoming marriage to the mysterious King Cyril of Candlewax she doesn't realize that she is running to her destiny and Spelopokos. Catherine and Spelopokos are part of an ancient prophecy which says, “the wearer of the Onyxes of Tabrek, named Catherine is to save Lackanay, but if the Fairrier Cats pass from existence Lackanay will fall to the trodliks and be destroyed.”

Pokos, who is hundreds of years old, knew the last wearer of the Onyxes of Tabrek – Catherine's grandmother, Queen Catherine of Tabrek and of Crystallia. He tells Catherine of her part in the prophecy and how together they must bring more Fairrier Cats to Lackanay. But to do this they must leave Lackanay leaving the land without the protection that Pokos has provided. But to fulfill their destiny they must face many dangers.

As Catherine and Pokos travel towards the Cinna Gate they must outwit her father – King Stephen, King Cyril, and the evil men under Kallik. But Cinna Gate is located in Candlewax a land forever burning. When King Cyril discovers Catherine's deception he is determined to stop her, but with the Ancient of Onxyes Catherine and Pokos cannot be stopped. When King Cyril threatens to follow Catherine through the gate, Catherine tosses the pendant to him so he too can enter Cinna unharmed. Cyril is determined to protect Catherine from the dangers that lurk in Cinna. But the dangers that await them in Cinna could end their quest and doom Lackanay to the same fate as the once lush Devona.

Can Catherine fulfill her destiny and survive the dangers of Cinna or will all be lost to the Trodliks? With King Cyril in Cinna, King Kallik of Tabrek is determined to steal the throne of Candlewax and to control the Fairrier Cats.

Candlewax is an exciting tale of action and friendship. It is also a story of self-discovery, but does Catherine have the time to discover who she truly is and what she wants from life? As events unfold Catherine is forced to find new strengths within herself or all will be lost.

Be sure to read Candlewax the first title in a new series filled with excitement and intrigue. Candlewax is a delightful debut novel from a talented author!

I received a Digital ARC loan of this title for the sole purpose of reviewing this title.

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