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Replication ~ Review

Replication: The Jason ExperimentReplication: The Jason Experiment by Jill Williamson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By Jill Williamson

What would be your greatest wish if you knew your life would end in 25 days? For Martyr his wish is to see the sky. Martyr lives on Jason Farms and he is about to fulfill his life's purpose, he will extend the life of those who live on the surface in the toxic air. Martyr's official designation is J:3:3 and he is quickly approaching his experation date – his 18th birthday.

Dr. Goyer, Jason Farms' newest scientist, has just moved to Fishhook, Alaska with his daughter Abby. As Dr. Goyer settles into his new job, Abby has to adjust to life as the newest junior at Fishhook High School.

At school Abby has attracted the unwanted attention of Fishhok heartthrobe J.D. Kane, but Abby is determined to focus on school and not J.D. But J.D. is persistent and Abby's partner in a science project. Abby befriends Kylee who asks for her help with Calculus and Abby is more than happy to comply. When J.D. shows up at Abby's house to work on their project she asks Kylee to come over to study so that Kylee will be protection against J.D. But when Dr. Goyer gets home he makes J.D. and Kylee leave as he doesn't want Abby have friends over when she is unchaperoned!

Abby is embarassed and angry so she storms upstairs to her room and hiding in the corner is J.D.! But when she gets a call from J.D. asking her to bring his forgotten school books out to him she is mystified. How did J.D. manage this and why does the J.D. in her room have a shaved head? When Abby questions this new J.D. he tells her his name is Martyr and he hide in her father's truck all the way from Jason Farms. When Abby hears this she is determined to find out what her father is involved in and the truth about this J.D. look-alike. Abby hides Martyr whom she calls Marty in her room so that her father doesn't discover him.

But when Jason Farms discovers Martyr's disappearance most of the staff is sent home early and Dr. Goyer discovers Martyr hiding in his house. When Abby arrives home from school minutes later she confronts her father about his work at Jason Farms. Abby convinces her father to give her time to help Marty and the other 50 plus clones, though he thinks it will be useless. Dr. Goyer then removes Martyr's tracking device and shock restraint. Abby then takes Marty to Kylee's brother - Pastor Scott.

Pastor Scott doesn't believe Abby that Martyr is not J.D. Kane but he agrees that Martyr can spend the night. Martyr then asks Pastor Scott questions about God, questions that Abby couldn't adequently answer for him. Pastor Scott then gives him a Bible to read. As Martyr reads through the night he decides that Abby is the embodiment of love as described in First Corinthians 13:4 – 8.

The next afternoon Pastor Scott takes Martyr to Fishhook High to see if there really is a second J.D. Kane. He parks next to J.D.'s car and when J.D. sees him he attacks Martyr. Abby tells J.D. that his father is making clones and that J.D. himself is most likely a clone!

Abby has Pastor Scott take her and Marty back to her house. But as she waits for her father someone comes to her house and this someone is determined to get Marty! As guards from Jason Farms break into her home she and Marty escape into the woods behind her home and Kylee comes pick them up. As they try to decide what to do, Abby tells Kylee about Marty and that he is someones experiment and that he is going to be killed if he goes back. Kylee agrees to help Abby and Marty prove the existance of Jason Farms and the illegal practices going on there. But as the threesome get closer to finding the evidence they need Abby and Marty are taken into custody by the Fishhook police force. Dr. Kane reported that his son was a runaway who was off his medication. The police turned Marty over to Dr. Kane thinking he was J.D. No one would listen or believe Abby that Marty was a clone and he was about to be killed for his organs!

When the police let Abby go she heads towards Kylee's house as she still can't get in touch with her dad, but someone runs her off the road. Security guards from Jason Farms have captured her and are taking her to the Farm! When Abby is taken into the underground facility she see that both her father and Marty are in Dr Goyer's office with Dr Kane. Dr Kane is preparing to shut down Jason Farms due to Abby's meddling. As insurance to keep Dr. Goyer in line Dr. Kane has a sample of Abby's blood taken for possible cloning and experimentation!
But Dr. Goyer and Martyr have a plan to escape the facility and to destroy Dr. Kane's research. But will their plan work and how will they save all the Jasons and Abby before it is too late? And what of the other facilities under Dr. Kane's leadership?

Replication is a true lesson in sacrifical love and turning the other cheek. What is more important to Christ knowing Him or living as He lived? Replication also makes us ask ourselves are there lines that medicine and science should never cross and who should determine these boundaries? What gives a life its worth and how do we define life? Replication is a thought provoking book that makes us question the world we live in and the idea of life at all costs!

I received this book as an Advanced Reviewer Copy for review purposes in Digital Format from the publisher. A favorable review was not required.

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