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Not This Time is Just in Time

Not This Time
Crossroads Crisis Series #3
by Vicki Hinze

To the outsider Seagrove Village located in western Florida is a quiet small town, but to those that live there danger is lurking around the corner. Detective Jeff Meyer is late arriving for Harvey and Roxy Talbot's remarriage and what he finds when he gets there leaves him stunned. Everyone is laying all over the ground. A chemical smell is quickly dissipating and five of the women have strings tied to their fingers and Clyde Parker is dead. NINA is suspected of being behind the attack.

That night Sara Jones–Tayton is frantic, she hasn't heard from her husband Robert who was on his way to New Orleans. Her best friend and business partner Beth Dawson comes to stay with her until she hears from Robert.

But when Jeff Meyers and Kyle Perry show up at Sara's house before dawn, Beth and Sara both know something is wrong. Robert's rental car has been found in Destin with blood in it. A note was found in the saying Robert had been kidnapped for ransom. Sara then had a severe asthma attack and had to be put into ICU in Pensacola.

With her dislike of Robert well known, Beth is Jeff's top suspect in Robert's kidnapping. Though Beth declares that she would never do something that would hurt Sara, Jeff is skeptical. When two million dollars is demanded for Robert's return, Beth puts up the money so that Sara won't be further stressed.

But as Beth thinks back over the last few weeks and Sara's odd behavior she is confused. Sara is vague and cryptic in her conversations with Beth making her wonder how well she really knows her best friend.

As Beth talks covertly with Joe a member of the Shadow Watchers, he offers her both moral and emotional support. Beth is drawn to Joe against her own better judgment, after all he couldn't be attracted to someone like her.

But as the case continues it becomes obvious that Robert was not who he appeared to be but who exactly is Robert Tayton III? And who is the NINA operative living in Seagrove Village is it a friend or a casual acquaintance? Will the truth be discovered in time or will NINA destroy them all?

With twists that you don't expect Not This Time will keep you in suspense. Who will live to see another day, read Not This Time find out for yourself!

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.
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